Your Wellness

20091001-6F0E1446I deeply believe in nurturing body, mind and spirit. To that end, I’ve embraced opportunities in my life to learn wellness modalities. While I do not practice today, I’m Nationally Certified in Massage & Bodywork and am a Certified Pilates Instructor. With these skills in my personal tool box, I strive to maintain wellness in my life as well as encourage others in that regard.

I had my own Massage and Pilates practice while living in Philadelphia, PA called Bodywork by LV. It was a time in my life where I first tested out my entrepreneurial instincts. In addition to having a lot of fun, I was able to run a profitable business doing something I’m truly passionate about.

On the more personal side, I love to run. I would classify myself somewhat of a running junkie. I do not approach my running with a desire for speed. For me, it is a stress relief outlet and something that I truly enjoy.

IndulgeDelights05I am equally passionate about embracing health through diet as I am through exercise. As a mom, I strive to cook wholesome food from fresh, nutritious ingredients for me and my family. I have a gluten intolerance that I figured out back in 2008 and haven’t eaten gluten since. So when I cook, I cook gluten free. I have fun developing my own recipes, including baked goods.