Transition & The Power of Visualization

This isn’t the first time, and I don’t think it will be the last time that I am finding myself in a phase of personal transition. There are many factors in my life right now that are making me seriously look at who I am and where I am headed. It is easy during times like these to feel overwhelmed and I know I’ve felt this way in the past. This time, I’m choosing to see the exciting opportunity that exists to make meaningful and positive change.

So what are the factors putting me in a place of transition? Well, I’m about to have my second child, due date is June 19th to be exact. Additionally, the startup that I am co-founder of is taking a less prominent place in my professional life. So in many ways, I’ll be answering the question of what I want to do next professionally.

Facing transition is challenging on multiple levels. It is easy to get stuck in a holding pattern where nothing changes but at the same time you need to make change. For me, a positive way of dealing with this is taking a deep dive into my mind, body and soul to self reflect.

In my case right now, I’m starting my personal reflection journey with visualization. I created a virtual dream board and am using this to really focus my intentions and actions on what I want in my life. While I imagine there are numerous resources for doing this, I used the site Dream it Alive to create mine. In case your curious, I’ve included mine here for you to see.


Stepping back a moment to take the focus to you, what have the factors been in your life that have placed you in a phase of transition? Is this happening for you currently?  How do you handle transition?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stuck or in the midst of transition, I suggest you join me. Step back, do some self reflection and create your own dream board. If you do, I hope you share it with me or if not me, perhaps you can choose a few people in your life who can support you on your journey. There is power in sharing positive energy, intention and focus with others.

Till next time.