Startup Business Development

I became an entrepreneur after having an established career in sales. This gave me a distinct advantage over other co-founders and people in the startup eco-system. Why? Because my view of the world is shaped from a business development mindset. I know that at the end of the day, you can build whatever you want and have the most amazing product, but if you can’t effectively reach people with your product and deliver a compelling message to them that makes them buy your product, you will never succeed.

The startup community, which is so indoctrinated in Lean Startup philosophy, permeates the myth of “build it and they will come.” I don’t for a minute want to try and argue that there isn’t value in the iterative process of developing effective product market fit, something which Lean process thinking can ensure. However, the problem is that the same diligence that is placed on product development is not simultaneously and in tandem placed on developing and implementing a startup business development strategy.

If you are a startup founder looking for traction, I urge you to connect with me. I bring a unique vantage point as a person who has been VP of Sales at a startup that had a successful private equity exit as well as co-founder of my own startup. I would love to work with you to reach meaningful milestones and ultimately business success.