My Music

I still remember the first time I sang in front of a proper audience. Just five years old at the time, my gymnastics class was holding a talent show and we were to showcase our talents to a large room of parents, friends and classmates. The anticipation was building in my stomach and I felt a twinge of nervousness and then it happened. The music started, I opened my mouth and started to sing. It was wonderful. My nervousness slipped away and I was just in the moment singing a song that I loved, The Rainbow Connection .

As life progressed, I learned to play piano, took vocal lessons and sang in a variety of different contexts ranging from school choirs to my own band.

VioletandtheTransAtlanticSoundLabFB1I’m very excited that I teamed up with a musician from the UK that I met on twitter, Paul Mahabir. Together having never met face to face, we collaborated and produced an album, Moments. It was a very cool process really. Paul wrote all the instrumentals and I wrote all the vocals and lyrics. The first song we ever wrote together is one that resonates with me to my core. If you’re curious to check it out, you can listen to  A Summer Embrace on my You Tube channel.

While I was living in Philadelphia, PA, I connected with another musician, Jerry Amari and we formed a band called The Second Floor. It was a blast. We wrote a lot of original music in addition to doing covers ranging from Florence and the Machine to Robert Palmer. Check out our cover of Where Does the Good Go by Tegan and Sara.

Since moving to Boulder, I haven’t found my musical outlet. I know that eventually the stars will align so if you’re reading this and are seeking a singer, songwriter and keyboardist, please reach out to me.