Is it Time to Start?

I’ve spent the last two years of my life working on FABRIQ, a startup that I founded with my husband. There have been so many experiences that I never would have had if we didn’t “start.”

So many people don’t start things because there is a fear of the unknown or of failure. I’m here to tell you that this framing just doesn’t make sense. Just the act of starting is an accomplishment. It is a decision to do something and to truly try. Whether or not that leads to an exit or Unicorn success story, it is the journey and all the things along the way that are learned that truly matter.

When we first began our startup journey, I had a picture of success in my mind. That picture involved becoming a venture capital backed business and taking it to a successful exit. For a variety of reasons in the last few months, it has become very apparent to me that is not the journey that I am on. And that is where I find myself here, writing to you and sharing a sliver of my personal startup story.

As a founder, it is so easy to wrap your identity up with your business.  When that comes to a close for whatever reason, you are left grappling with who you really are.

So again I find myself facing the pivotal question, is now the time to start? In this case, I’m referring to my blog and along with that a renewed focus on my personal, professional aspirations.

Starting anything is a critical decision point and something that some people embrace more than others. Are you a person who “starts?” And what exactly does that mean?

I know for sure that as I continue to write here I will explore other aspects of my startup journey. More than anything, I’m going back to my core. I’m looking at who I am outside of my startup. This personal reflection, as well as reflection on lessons learned on my startup journey, I hope will prove helpful to others.

So, I have decided once again to “start.” My question to you is what are you contemplating and perhaps haven’t pulled the trigger on? What is holding you back? Is it time for you to start?

I really hope that you will share your thoughts with me as I would love for this blog to become alive with true interaction and meaningful discourse.

Ciao for now!

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