Nov 012012

I remember the day well. I was working non-stop for a start-up company at the time. I often traveled week after week and barely had even settled into my new home in downtown Philadelphia. I was on a path with my career and nothing could stop me. The phone could ring at any hour of the day or night and I would jump for it. My family and friends had become relatively non-existant in my life as I constantly cancelled plans or turned down invitations due to work obligations. The day had been a particularly draining one and it was nearing 8pm and I was just getting home on a Friday night. I walked over to my local coffee shop, Good Karma Cafe, and up on the wall I saw it. This painting, the one I have featured above.

I was so taken. It was like the visual was crying out to me. These young children on the hood of the car were taking a moment, sitting back and enjoying just being with each other. They were soaking up the outdoors and living life. It made me take pause. When had I last done this? Could I even remember?

At that moment I knew I needed to have this painting. But more than that, I knew I needed to make a change. It was like the sky had opened up and poured down upon me the revelation that there was a lot more to life than climbing up the corporate ladder and/or making lots of money. What good was all of it if I didn’t live my life? And moreover, what about not having anyone to share my life with?

I ended up finding out the artist was a local guy from Philadelphia named Adam Cohen. The coffee shop owner gave me his number and that was that. I called him and met him and got the painting. But there was so much more I knew I needed to do. I knew that I needed to figure out how to change my life so that I could soak up those moments that really matter and surround myself with my loved ones. I am proud to say, I was able to do this. I made some really drastic and dramatic changes to my life and now I am happily married and expecting my first baby. It seems like the former me is almost like a dream. I can’t even imagine going back to the shell of a person I was at that time.

So I as you, have you taken the time to define what really matters to you? Are you living your life in a way that you are honoring that? I hope you will. I also hope you will take away from my story that it isn’t too late. If you realize you are off course, make a shift. Chart your course back to what really matters for you in your life. Time is precious.

Picture Source: Adam Cohen, Philadelphia Artist and Illustrator

Aug 092012

Is there something you have always wanted to do that you have not done yet? What is stopping you?

Sure, there are a lot of things in this world that there are real reasons not to do. The unfortunate truth is that more times than not the reason that something is not done has to do with self imposed limitations. These limitations come from all sorts of places, things said to us by parents, our own beliefs that have been formed through societal norms, lack of self confidence…..I could go on, but my point has been made. More times than not, our mind imposes limits on our ability to do the things that would bring us joy and new beginnings.

When we choose to listen to our limiting minds, we continue on the tried and true course that fits in the mold of what we know to be safe. It is only when we find our way past these limits that we find freedom and happiness to make real choices in the here and now. These are choices that will ultimately lead to our happiness and full acceptance of our being.

I will close by leaving you with the following quote to ponder: “There are always butterflies in your stomach eager to fly. Go… Give them reasons to!” ~Spartapoet



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Jul 232012

Do you observe people around you that you believe live a fairytale life? He or she has a lovely spouse or significant other, an interesting career, nice home, etc. You watch his or her daily posts on Facebook and they always seem to be happy and doing interesting things. Perhaps you find yourself saying, wow, this person really has it all……

The truth of the matter is no one has the perfect life. The more and more I develop my online identity, I realize how easy it is for strangers who read what I say to come to assumptions of who I am. The truth is, these people are only seeing the bit of me that I choose to share. I’m not trying to say that I’m not honest, but I’m also being truthful that I share what I want others to see. But, isn’t that so with all aspects of our lives?

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At any given moment, it is impossible to know what another person may be going through. On the surface, they may seem like the happiest, most successful and well-rounded person while in the privacy of his or her own mind the reality may be quite different.

So why discuss this? Why even explore the topic? I guess my point today is in encouraging you to look beyond the surface layer. Realize that everyone has their own”stuff” that they experience and their own challenges. You never know who might be right in front of you that might need a sympathetic ear or helping hand.

Take a listen to some very powerful words from Jason Mraz followed by a beautiful song, Won’t Give Up, a great example of my post today.

Jun 292012

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Are you living your life in respect of your own time? It is impossible to know how long we have in this life we are living. We all have obligations and responsibilities. Not every moment can be spent doing things we enjoy, but it is important to live life in line with who you are and what you believe in. If the clock stopped right now, would you be pleased with what you had done in your life, or would you have regrets?

I lost my dad when I was just eight. If I could, I would turn back the clock and recapture the short period of time I had with him. But, that’s just not possible. He is gone now and all I have is memories. Luckily, it is in his memory that each day I know how important it is to live my life fully and in honor of myself and others around me that I love and respect.

I encourage you to embrace each day and live it the way that you really want to live. If that means it is time to make changes, I hope you won’t wait. Life is too short.

In the next few days, Fading Memories, a song I wrote with Paul ‘Mabzi’ Mahabir will be complete. The song is in memory of my dad. Below, I share with you a pre-release of the lyrics.

Fading Memories

I am drifting

Into a land of memories

You still with me

Not just dreams of yesterday

But you are gone

You are gone

Walking briskly

Your hand holding on to mine

Talking to me

Telling me everything is fine

But you are gone

You are gone

I can hear you

Sense the safety of your love

You protect me

Holding me like a precious dove

But you are gone

You are gone


You were the one that I really needed

Your little girl

How do things like this ever happen

You were my world

If only I could turn the clock back

I’d record each day

Now all I have is fleeting moments

You slip away




Please come

Back to me 

Life is a Gift

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Jun 082012

It is so easy to go about life taking it for granted. This morning, as I was struggling with what I thought was important, I received a message from a friend telling me that someone close to her had lost their husband at a young age of 42 and that behind him he left a wife and two children. All of a sudden my struggles seemed rather small in comparison.

Why is it that I need such a jolting reminder to see the incredible gift I have every day of my life? Every moment, every experience, every feeling holds in it a richness and value that if I take the time to reflect on and be present in, is such a gift. Yet, I need reminders, lest I find myself caught up in the jumble of day to day craziness and stress.

Having lost my father when I was just 8, I have come to know deep in my heart that he wanted me to live a full life. He may have died, but he wanted me to have the richness of the gift of life. So, here I am, reminded from a jolt of sadness of the amazingness of life. I’m not perfect, but I try. I encourage you to try to remember each day to reflect and be thankful for the amazing gift of life that you have. Live it fully and in honor of what it has to offer you in this very moment.

And, it is from places of sadness, that many amazing things come. Eric Clapton turned his life around after the death of his son and wrote an amazing song about death as a result. On this day, perhaps remember someone you love and have lost and take a listen to Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton. In honor of that person, live each moment of your life fully!