Aug 132013

Violet and the TransAtlantic SoundLabI can hardly put into words the emotions that I feel at the release of my 1st Album. It has been such an incredible journey that I never imagined would happen. The crazier part is if it were not for social media, I don’t know that it ever would have. A little over a year ago now, I met Paul Mahabir from Wirral, UK on twitter. Having never met, but noticing we had complimentary talents, we teamed up and started ¬†writing music together. We call ourselves Violet and the TransAtlantic SoundLab.¬†Our first album is called Moments. You can purchase it on iTunes as well as CD Baby and will find it in a host of other places such as Spotify where you can stream it for free.

Moments on iTunes

Moments on CD Baby

Just in case your curious what people are saying about the album, here are a few reviews:

Moments of Pleasure
“Reading the bio of Violet and TransAtlantic SoundLab for the first time, I was very intrigued to find out if it’s possible for the musicians who never even met in person to create something good together. To my amazement, what I heard turned out to be better than good. Soft yet powerful, eerie at times melodies (Paul “Mabzi” Mahabir) enriched by alluringly haunting vocals (Laura Violet Alexandre) create a moody dreamlike atmosphere. From the first notes the listeners may be tempted to close their eyes and let the sound take them far away. Each stop on this journey is a lovely experience – whether it’s watching a roaring, untamed sea (Goddess Of The sea), running barefoot in the sun (Summer Embrace), searching for the true love (This Eternal Moment), witnessing the hardships of creating process (Connotations) or going back in time (Where We Used To Meet) Every track is a wonderful stand alone piece, evoking variety of emotions from pure joy, through anxiety to nostalgia and tranquility. Yet, together they make a strong consistent whole.
Dwelling on the EP for a little longer you can discover great depth to it. The title itself “Moments” is an interesting choice. It seems as if each song was to capture these fleeting little moments our lives are made of and keep them from evaporating into the past.
A truly wonderful debut EP that may satisfy the senses of any music lover. Just take a few “Moments” to listen.” ~Magdalena Rutowska

Ethereal, Powerful, Memorable

“In this busy, hectic world we live in ~ finding moments that soothe the soul, refresh the spirit, and renew our hope, can be hard to come by. Until now, that is. Moments, by Violet and the Transatlantic SoundLab, is nothing short of pure magic. Their creativity never ceases to amaze me. Original, spiritual, inspirational, beautiful! This CD is my go-to music!!” ~Michelle Madrid-Branch

Stunningly Beautiful

“I loved listening to every beautiful song. When you both put your talents together its Magic. The music is amazing and Violets Voice is mesmerizing. I get goose bumps when I hear it. It is music you can also feel, not just hear.” ~Michelle Baker

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