Jun 202013

EP COVER ARTWORK - VIOLET AND THE TRANSATLANTIC SOUNDLABWhen I started my blog, I didn’t think I ever would become so remiss in writing regularly. I am typically a person that is very disciplined and when I set my mind to something and plan to do it consistently, lapsing in that commitment is not an option in my mind. Well…….having my son Christopher has changed all that. My priorities have shifted so much and really in so many amazingly positive ways. Christopher has really put in perspective for me what is important in my life.

So in addition to focusing on my baby and my husband, the other reason I haven’t written much lately is I have been placing a lot of focus on my music. Those of you that follow my cyber band, Violet and the TransAtlantic SoundLab, will be excited to hear that we are coming out with our first EP. We actually just completed the last song that will be on the EP, Where We Used to Meet. Even more exciting, there is a never heard before club mix of Goddess of the Sea. To hear the original version of Goddess of the Sea you can listen here.

Once the EP is out, I will be sure to let you all know. We are shooting for early July 2013. The title will be Moments. While you can interpret that as you like, there is a common theme in all the music on the EP. That theme is that each song captures an emotional moment in life. These moments may be felt differently by different people in our music, but Paul ‘Mabzi’ Mahabir and I have tried to capture moments that truly touch the listener.

Here’s hoping you are as excited as I am about Moments. So stay tuned!!!

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