Feb 282013

Alexandre Family CrestMy marriage  at the beginning of 2012 was the beginning of something so very special. In addition to marrying my soul mate, this was the first step in the building of my family. As I faced our 1st anniversary, I found myself searching for what would be a gift for my husband that could possibly be worthy of such an important occasion in our lives. That was when it hit me…….creating our family crest, a representation of who we are as a family unit. Given the first anniversary is traditionally recognized with a gift of paper, having our crest printed on paper and framed was just perfect!

As a woman on a dream catching mission, a key component of that mission is building my very own family. Building a family has so much to it beyond just the act of getting married and having children. For me, it is embracing and living a life in line with our family identity, who we are together comprised of interests, morals, values and culture. We all have personal identities, but the identity of our families is bigger than the sum of its parts. It is what those parts make up when put together that is simply magnificent.

Whether you have a special occasion coming up or not, I urge you to consider designing your family crest. The act of thinking closely about who you are as a family unit and putting it to paper is an amazing thing. It solidifies the strength of your family.

Just in case you need some assistance like I did in having your crest designed, I used Brooke Lynn Designs. I would love to see your crest or hear from you on any thoughts you have about this post.


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